Warn me when processes on my Mac are running under Rosetta

Rosetta is a great piece of technology, but can be a battery drain.

Most things on my Mac run natively but now and again I need to run apps under the x86 translation layer, and sometimes I forget these apps are running.

You can see what processes are running under Rosetta by looking in Activity Monitor under the “Kind” column, but this requires frequent checking.

So I wrote this little xbar plugin to tell me when there are apps running under Rosetta. If there are, a warning icon appears on the status bar (refreshed every minute) and shows me what processes are running.

This way I get a visual aid and can close down any Intel apps that I don’t need to run anymore. The script is very simple, I used this answer from the Apple stack exchange to get all the processes running under Rosetta and wrote a script around it for xbar.

Source code and installation instructions can be found here: